Works in Progress


Title: Warpers
Word Count: 100k
Genre: YA Sci-Fi

There are three rules to time traveling:

1. Do not double warp
2. Do not interact with Ghosts
3. Do not allow the past to catch up to the Proper Present

Unfortunately, 18-year-old Galileo Matox is about to break them all—by accident, of course.

Working for ScorpioCorp, Galileo’s job involves him warping into the past to collect evidence of high priority crimes to bring to court. A job which ScorpioCorp conveniently “forgot” to mention the occupational hazards of in its fine print: premature aging, risk of time-madness, and illegal implantation of a kill chip.

When the mission to identify Senatori Eisenhart’s assassin is sabotaged, Galileo finds himself not only in the wrong time period, but also in a parallel reality.

Fourteen: the number of days left until Galileo’s kill chip is triggered, scattering the atoms of his body across the time-space fabric.

Eighty: how many hours until Senatori Eisenhart is murdered.

One: a single, uneasy alliance Galileo forms with Avaline Eisenhart—daughter of the soon-to-be-dead senatori—that forces him to question the truth behind Senatori Eisenhart’s seemingly straightforward death and his oath as a warper to never interfere with the past.

Trapped in a reality in which he doesn’t belong, Galileo must solve the murder, outsmart his kill chip, and find a way to escape before the past merges with the present and unleashes chaos across the time-space fabric. Sometimes it’s the smallest change that causes the biggest ripple.

“Inception” meets “Minority Report” . . . in space.


1st Draft: Completed
2nd Draft: Completed
3rd Draft: Completed
4th Draft: Completed
5th Draft: Completed
6th Draft: Completed
7th Draft: Completed
Querying: In Progress
Publication: To Be Done


Title: City of Chaos
Word Count: 88k
Genre: YA Fantasy

Everyone wants the Winter Queen dead.
Everyone has their own reasons.

The Princess because she hungers for power.
The Vigilantham because she must redeem her soul.
The Wolf because he wants to end the war.
The Tracer because he’s been deceived.
The Lieutenant because he was betrayed.

Five lives collide and intersect.
But only one gets to kill the Queen.
Who will it be?


1st Draft: Completed Has been burned. Starting from scratch again 🙂
2nd Draft: To Be Done
Querying: To Be Done
Publication: To Be Done