About Me

The Official Bio
T A Chan is a human being trying to live her best life on this floating piece of space rock. She has a passion for fantasy and sci-fi books. During the day, she spends most of her time serving the kitten-demon-overlord convincing the cat there’s a better place to sleep than her writing chair and spoiling the dog. She also has an unhealthy obsession with manatees, triangles, and dark chocolate. She is represented by Karly Caserza and Laurie McLean at Fuse Literary.

The Fun Bio
Hi there! T A Chan speaking here, but feel free to call me Tina. I grew up in the nobody-knows-about-us state of New Hampshire (with a cat, a dog, and an army of plants), attended university in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. Apparently I can’t set down roots for long since I’ve hopped over to the west coast best coast state of CA where I work on awesome Mars mission projects as a mechanical engineer. I love reading (duh), writing (duh), and manatees (not-so-obvious duh. I mean, think about it: Manatees are basically swimming potatoes). In addition to manatees, I also have an obsession with space stuff, the impossible triangle, bubble tea, Hans Zimmer, and travelling.

I’m a self admitted social media addict. If I’m not busy crafting some speculative story or exploring the city, then I’m probably hanging around on Twitter or Instagram.

Oh, and I also drink a copious amount of coffee and tea!