About Me


The Official Bio

T A Chan is a human being with a questionable sense of humor. She has a passion for fantasy and sci-fi books. During the day, she spends most of her time serving the kitten-demon-overlord convincing the cat there’s a better place to sleep than her writing chair. She also has an unhealthy obsession with manatees, fuzzy socks, and dark chocolate.

The Fun Bio

Hi there! T A Chan speaking here, but feel free to call me Tina. I live in the nobody-knows-about-us state of New Hampshire (with a cat and an army of succulents) but attend school in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. I love reading (duh), writing (duh), and manatees (not-so-obvious duh. I mean, think about it: Manatees are basically swimming potatoes). In addition to manatees, I also have an obsession with space stuff, the impossible triangle, bubble tea, Hans Zimmer, and travelling.

I’m a self admitted social media addict. If I’m not busy crafting some speculative story or exploring the city, then I’m probably hanging around on Twitter or Instagram.

Oh, and I also drink a copious amount of coffee and tea!