The Celestial Seas

Title: The Celestial Seas

Word Count: 97,000

Genre: YA Sci-Fi

The story in 1 line: Moby Dick in space, but with more whale chasing and less cetology history lessons.

Eighteen-year-old Ishara Ming won’t rest until the Cetacea is destroyed. The sentient spacecraft ​not only damaged her memory chip, but also left her the sole survivor of the ship she’d called home for five years. Since then, she’s vowed to avenge her lost crew.

To take on the Cetacea, Ishara assembles a crew of capable misfits, including Quinn, her first mate. Quinn, the girl who makes Ishara’s heart stumble over its own beats and has always believed in her, even when the rest of the system thinks Ishara is simply a delusional captain who hallucinated the Cetacea.

That is, until Augustus, a ship mech armed with his own personal reasons for revenge, convinces Ishara to let him join the crew. What’s more, he comes equipped with one thing Ishara has never had: a tracking method tailored to hunt the Cetacea.

Bolstered by Augustus’ faith and knowledge of the Cetacea, Ishara issues increasingly risky orders, even as her memories deteriorate. Tempers clash, loyalties are tested, and the crew struggles to stay one step ahead of the Cetacea’s unnerving intelligence. However, after one too many skirmishes with death, Ishara must decide whether she’s willing to sacrifice her new-found family, or abandon her vow to avenge her old one.


Drafting: Done

Round 1 Editing: Done

Round 2 Editing: In Progress

Pitch Wars 2018 Agent Showcase: Done

Querying: Done – signed with Fuse Literary

Publication: To Be Done