You, Myself, and Her

Title: You, Myself, and Her

Word Count: 97,000

Genre: YA Soft Sci-Fi/Thriller/Dystopian

The story in 1 line: “Killing Eve” X “Prison Break” but all the characters are assholes.

Hal knows she didn’t commit the murders. Too bad nobody will believe her—nobody except for Jade, a fellow prisoner in the Claw. With less than a month until her trial, Hal knows her fate’s all but sealed: sent off to a titansteel mine for the rest of her life. Her only other option? Escape from a prison where escape is impossible. Except as Hal’s infatuation with Jade walks the razor-edge line with obsession, it soon becomes clear Hal’s dangerous love for Jade might be the trigger that sets both of them free—or kill them both.

Thallia is determined to find her parents’ murderer. The sole heir to the galaxy’s most influential moguls, she has less than a month before she’s set to inherit their business empire—including the Claw, the planet’s first for-profit prison. As time’s running out to determine which of the captured suspects is the killer, Thallia drawn to the enigmatic Jade. However, as old family secrets are unburied and loyalties are gained and lost, Thallia soon finds herself in multiple crosshairs—and her best chance of survival just might be teaming up with her parents’ killer.


Drafting: Done

Round 1 Editing: Done

Round 2 Editing: In Progress