Inktober Week 1 Wrap Up + Updates

SURPRISE! Turns out I was feeling particularly adventurous (or artsy. . . artventurous?) and decided to give #Inktober2019 a whirl. For those unfamiliar with Inktober, it’s a month-long event that takes place in October where participants aim to draw 1 picture a day based on the daily 1-word prompt. There are usually a couple different prompt lists floating around, and I happened to grab the first one I came across on Twitter, which was also the official list (I think):

I’ve been posting my drawings both on Twitter and Instagram, along with the 1-word prompt and some lyrics from a song that matches. I personally love getting inspiration from music, so it only seemed fitting that my process goes something like this:

  1. Find a song with lyrics that matches the prompt
  2. Place the song on a 1 hour loop
  3. Draw

To be honest, I think Inktober has really increased by drawing speed and also emphasized Design over Complexity. I can’t really spend more than an hour on each sketch, so having a (hopefully) effective but simple design is really key to creating drawings I’m happy with.

In other news, I’m still steadily chugging away with my current WIP, Radioactive Girl. Currently 35k into what I’m aiming to be a 90k novel, so starting to reach the halfway point! I do have a lot of mixed feelings about this MS so far–mostly concerns about the pacing not moving fast enough and the characters talking too much (because SHIT are they chatty!), so I reckon I’ll do a fair bit of word chopping during revisions. At any rate, I’m reminding myself this is just the Chaos Draft so it’s ok if the words are a little bit, ah, messy. Just like with anything else in life.

Stay spooky,


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