One of life’s (bookish) mysteries SOLVED

Riddle: Why does a TBR list never shrink even when you’re reading books from it?

ANSWER: Overwhelming book recommendations + presence. Seriously. Pre-pandemic chaos, I loved browsing for books in the store and would consistently add 2-3 new books to my TBR every time. If I see a pretty cover on Instagram, *adds to TBR*. And then of course, same goes with Twitter and recommendation from other friends.

🌷⁠Where do you find out about books to read/buy?
🌷⁠Have you read the books pictured above?

As for me, I’ve read all the books save SALT TO THE SEA and STORM OF SWORDS. I absolutely loved GEMINA and SPIN THE DAWN. INHERITANCE holds very fond memories to me (I remember starting the Inheritance Cycle in grade school!). FAULT IN OUR STARS was one of the first non SFF books I truly enjoyed, and THE DROWNED CITY was a wonderful read as well.

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