End of the year check in (is it 2022 yet?)

Holy chicken nuggets…is it seriously December already!? Honestly, 2020-2021 has felt like a fever dream, which is the excuse I’m using to explain for my lack of updating this blog. That said, I do feel somewhat obligated to at least provide an end-of-the-year wrap up. In the name of keeping things short and simple, here is my Top 10 Things That Happened in 2021 (in no particular order):

  1. I’ve signed a contract as lead writer for the series RENEGADE MOON with Realm. The series is expected to go live in 2022, and I cannot WAIT to reveal the team of amazing writers I’m working with.
  2. I wrote another novel! It’s WIP title is YOU, MYSELF, AND HER. It’s a YA dystopian thriller/suspense novel. While it definitely needs a lot of revisions, I’m happy to have another story on my shelf.
  3. I started an Etsy bookshop specializing in sprayed edge books called Libernation Books. Call it a pandemic hobby, if you will…but one that has brought me a lot of joy 🙂
  4. My plant collection has grown exponentially! Especially my prayer plant which needs to be repotted…
  5. I FINALLY graduated!!! My road to graduation was far from straight, but each detour has taught me important life lessons and brought new friends into my life.
  6. I started doing adulting things like leasing my first apartment under my name, getting my own car, purchasing insurance (ugh why is it SO expensive…) all because…
  7. I’m moving to California! It’s a huge cross country move, and I’m equal parts excited and nervous. Feeling very lucky to have a dream job as a mechanical engineer at NASA Ames working on some seriously fun (oxymoron much?) projects.
  8. I hit my Goodreads goal! Currently sitting at 71 books but I’m going to try to hit 73 before the end of the year.
  9. Speaking of Goodreads, I’ve officially transferred from Goodreads to StoryGraph. IMO, StoryGraph is similar to Goodreads except there’s a less toxic drama, allows half-star ratings, and produces these super cool graphs (see below this list) that make my nerdy heart happy.
  10. Survived 2021. Honestly, that should be an achievement in on itself so…gonna chuck that on the list 🙂

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