Houston, we have an announcement

Well. It’s been a while eh? *Checks last post update* A little over 4 months to be exact. And boy, oh boy, has life happened since then. Most notably, I have two major update–one good, one not so good. I’ll start with the latter…

I spent a lonnng time debating the best way to break the news, which is: Renegade Moon no longer has plans for publication. I love this series and the amazing writing team I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Unfortunately, factors beyond my control have prevented this series from going any further. Not going to lie, this sucks. We were so close to going into production–the script had been drafted and edited, talks of casting were in the work, etc etc. But at the end, things didn’t work out. Nonetheless, I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with the wonderful people for the duration of this project. Until then, I will continue writing for the day when there will be more Asian-inspired Sci-Fi in mainstream media.

The second big news: I’ve finally, fully moved into California! The past few months have been hectic with me traveling between NH (old home), CA (new home), and TX (sister’s new home). This involved many flights, a cross-country road trip, and crying over how expensive gas prices are. (Seriously, it’s $6.09 at the gas station on my street.) Surprisingly, the road trip was not as bad as I thought it would be. As someone who despises long car rides, I actually had fun! Anywho, the dog has settled nicely into her new CA home/schedule (she’s currently snoozing on my bed looking out the window as I type this) and I’m beginning finding a good balance between work, writing, taking care of the dog, and life in general.

A couple smaller updates in no particular order:

  • I’ve read 24 books so far
  • Convinced a couple more people to read All Systems Red
  • Started a fun WIP with no expectations/no pressure
  • On my third round of edits for my YA suspense/mystery
  • Watched “Ted Lasso” for the second time
  • Saw the new Dr. Strange movie (it was fun and had a lot of cool scenes)

Anddd that’s it on my end! Until next time, Tina out.

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