Let the countdown begin…

What is something you’re looking forward to this week? 🦄⁠

The countdown to the Mars 2020 launch continues in T-minus one day! I’m so excited for this next step toward future explorations of Mars. Did you that it will be 2021 by the time Perseverance and Ingenuity land on the red planet?☄️⁠

Here are a couple fun facts about the Mars 2020 Mission:

  • One of the main missions of the rover it to search for signs of ancient life
  • One of the instruments carried on the rover will turn carbon dioxide into oxygen
  • The Mars helicopter will make up to 5 planned flights on increasing complexity
  • The landing site will be Jezero Crater
  • The rover will be collecting rock samples that will hopefully be brought back to Earth one day by future missions
  • The launch vehicle is a ULA Atlas 5 rocket

About the featured picture

Some of my favorite books are included in this picture, including NOT EVEN BONES for those who love morally gray characters, WARCROSS by the legendary Marie Lu, and THE ASTONISHING COLOR OF AFTER that hits home as a first-gen Taiwanese American.⁠

2 thoughts on “Let the countdown begin…

  1. I’m a space fan myself, and am marvelled by the advances we’ve made in such a short time. My only regret is not being able to live long enough to see some of the more amazing discoveries we’ll inevitably have in the span of a few more generations.

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    1. Yes! Another fellow space fan 😀 And indeed, I agree that reflecting back on what we’ve achieved is very inspirational. Here’s to seeing many more marvels during our lifetime.


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