Wait for it Wednesday . . .

*cues the Hamilton soundtrack…wait for it, wait for it wait for it*

What’s a TV show/movie you’re excited about? 🎬⁠ I absolutely CANNOT WAIT until the Shadow and Bone series released on Netflix! Although, from my understanding, the TV series will cover events from both the Shadow and Bone series as well as the Six of Crow duology, which I think is pretty awesome. Not to mention, the diverse casting has got me super hyped up 🌸⁠

In the meantime, I also recently found out Mulan’s going to be released on Disney Plus Premium, at a cost of $30. That’s a good chunk of money for an at-home movie experience, but honestly, I’m going to cough it up because a) I still want to see Mulan ASAP and b) I’m afraid if this movie tanks, directors/producers/companies will use it as an excuse that movies heavily based on Asian culture/revolving around Asian main characters/etc don’t make good profit to not diversify in the future.

In the meantime, I’m chugging through edits of my YA Historical Fantasy, and I can’t wait to send my little baby off into the publishing world once it’s ready!

Mushu GIF | Gfycat

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