Happy Monday Check-in

Happy monday lovely people🌻 What are your goals for this week?⁠
I always like to think of Mondays–not Sundays–as the beginning of each week. Mondays promise of a fresh chance, of setting the tone. I’m steadily working my way through edits of THE SECRET CURRENCY and am excited to send the manuscript to my agent once it’s ready (she may or may not have been lovingly prodding me about it–though it’s my fault, I keep on teasing her with updates 😅). So, my goal for this week is to reach 40k in edits.⁠
Also, have you been following space news? The launch for Perseverance (NASA’s latest Mars rover) and Ingenuity (Mars helicopter) is happening on July 30th! I know I’m definitely waking up to watch the event 🚀⁠

Need some hyping up? Be sure to check out this amazing video featuring the inspiring MiMi Aung! #WomenInSTEM 🔥

Pssss…are you following me on Instagram?

If not, you totally should! I post my most recent bookish pics, bullet journal spreads, and other #WritingAesthetics on there. Plus stories of Starbuck the pup. So. Much. Puppy. Content.

So, if you’ll like a weekly dose of happiness, hop on over to my Insta @author_t_a_chan

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