A messy desk is a sign of creativity…(or laziness…or just the world falling apart in general)

Some years ago, there was a fact (?) floating around the internet about more creative people tending to having messy desks.

I never did figure out if that fact (?) was proven right or wrong. But what I do know is that an organized desk makes me happy–it makes me feel put together (on the outside at least), on top of things, and ready to tackle my to-do list.

Anyway, that picture of my desk above was from weeks ago. As I’m typing up this quick post/update/check-in, my desk looks like a tornado-walked-into-a-bar sort of situation. Most likely due to a combination of school (why did I ever think taking 6 classes + 1 lab at the same time was a good idea?!), keeping up with some writing/reading work (starting to fall behind on this though), and of course, soft launching my little bookshop with a big dream, Libernation Books

Ahh, yes, the little secret/surprise I’ve been dropping in my past previous posts. I’m not going to lie–running this little corner of the internet has been a LOT more time consuming than I EVER anticipated. But I’m convinced I just need to find my groove and things will start to settle down into a more concrete schedule that doesn’t involve me spending 80% of my waking hours tending the shop. (Oh my gosh, SEOs, influencer collabs, growing the shop’s own social media platform, upgrading packaging, DEALING WITH INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING — I love international buyers btw ❤ — just trying to figure out the shipping took all day.)

On that note, since I’m close to running into 72 hours without sleep, I think I’m going to sign off my post here, clean my desk, and promptly read until I pass out. 🍁

Libernation Books has its Instagram account now!

Be sure to give it a follow @LibernationBooks for sales, giveaways (already have at least one planned), and ALL THE SPRAYED EDGE BOOKS 😍

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